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Creating fit healthy bodies for all riders, racers and stunters! Helping you pursue your dreams and achieve your goals.

› WHO ARE WE? is dedicated to providing nutritional programs and fitness programs for riders, racers, stunters, dirt bike riders, weekend enthusiasts, street riders, and appreciators of anything on two wheels and the people who ride them.
Mara Ganeles, the owner and principal trainer/coach is a well-educated, smart,skilled, successful, tough, atypical High School Principal in the Bronx, NY, former Principal in Compton and Los Angeles, CA and former Disciplinary Dean from Brooklyn, New York. A little blonde dynamo who will drive you to success and a proud independent beachbody coach, dirt biker, MMA fan and supporter of racing and stunting. Mara became interested in the riding community 9 years ago, went to MSF training and started riding her dirt bike with the help and encouragement of her great friends. Mara is a highly qualified trainer and nutrition specialist. She is a longtime AFAA and ACE certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, aqua fitness instructor and an original Reebok Step Trainer, a trained certified Nutrition Specialist and former owner of her own nutrition business in New York (The Weigh Off), a certified Massage Therapist, a former Spa Fitness Director and High School Biology teacher. She has 20 plus years of experience in the fitness and health industry. Mara is currently completing her first Insanity Challenge and participating in Vinyasa flow yoga classes in her continuing effort to add to her versatility in developing training programs and challenge herself, setting the example for her clients and inspiring them to meet their own goals and challenge themselves. Mara will be working with you along with her team of BeFit4Riding independent beachbody coaches chosen to best help you meet your goals. Mara felt there was a great need to provide a high quality tailored program for fitness and health to the riding and racing community. In keeping with her goals, she and her coaches are currently looking to help riders and racers achieve optimum performance and become healthy fit individuals by offering a personalized custom designed program incorporating the wide variety of programs offered through beachbody.

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